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Welcome to the new website for Blooming Hill Plants!

We apologise for our disappearance from the web, but problems with our existing server meant we had to lose the site and use of our domain - don't you just love technology... Happily we have managed to get a new domain and this will be our new website.



BLOOMING HILL PLANTS was started in 1996 and is a small and very individual nursery. Whilst enjoying all plants, I have over the years refined the stock to reflect my own horticultural passions and specialities. Whilst not particulally rare, many of the plants I stock are not easily found because they may be difficult to produce on a large commercial scale, or because they are just not fashionable any more. I love the challenge of finding just the right plant, or collection of plants, for a supposedly 'difficult' site and will always offer honest and impartial advice.

I offer a good range of reliable herbacious perennials for most soils, including alkaline but not a lot for acid. All varieties are trialed here on my exposed Dorset site to ensure hardiness. We also stock a good range of peonies and reliable bulbs.

For scent and colour a fine old-fashioned rose is hard to beat. I offer a personal selection of charming hardy roses, selected to prove that old roses do flower all summer and do not succumb to every disease in the book! They are also ideal for growing in less than perfect soil and shady sites. 

All my stock is grown in peat-free, loam-based compost, outside and not brought on undercover, thus ensuring a hardy plant and a good start when planted in your garden.